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    Walter launched DC170, a representative of the new efficiency class of carbide hole machining tools

    Time: 2020-12-01

    Wuxi/Tubingen, October 9, 2014-Technical progress is clearly visible-The blade adopts a new design, DC170. Behind the bronze appearance and fluted structure are four specific features of the new efficiency grade for drilling steel and cast iron materials.

    As a new mark of hole processing, DC170 was on the international stage of Lunden metal cutting at the 2014 AMB exhibition in Stuttgart. Fashionable and distinctly different-the design of the cutting edge and the bronzed appearance mark a new level of efficacy for drill products. Compared with carbide drills with traditional geometric shapes, DC170 is more reliable, stable and smooth. Two models of size 16xDc and 20xDc will be provided, which will be launched globally in October this year. You can visit the Walter booth at the AMB Nanjing Exhibition (Hall F C7-1, October 13-15) for on-site experience.

    Higher process reliability: The new drill uses internal cooling. The gentle ring groove makes the cooling and lubricating fluid flow evenly, and at the same time avoids dangerous chip obstacles. The cutting edge design is novel, and the coolant can continuously flush the drill bit from all directions, and the cooling effect is unparalleled.

    Higher service life: The cutting edge is stronger, and the stability of the DC170 is incredible. It can effectively dissipate heat even at extreme temperatures.

    Higher drilling quality: The effect of the new cutting edge structure is that the rotation of the drill bit is significantly smoother.

    Lower production cost: The iconic heat sink provides protection for the working temperature. The new drill has eight obvious notches, which are also used as refurbished scales. The DC170 drill bit can be refurbished three times until there are only two cooling slots left. Now users can fully tap the potential of renovation, thereby reducing production costs.

    Why did Walter develop DC170? Helmut Gschrey, product manager for hole processing at Walter and founder of the new efficiency grade for hole processing, gave the answer.

    Idea: To improve the four important parameters of DC170 has been our research and development work from the beginning: We hope to increase the service life, or increase the reliability. Secondly, we also value the ability to "guide" the drill as soon as possible. This is especially important when the deep hole with through hole and the exit are inclined. At the same time, the problem of heat exchange is also a development standard: when drilling under high temperature conditions, the new drill bit should be able to achieve cooling, and it should also actively cool the contact surface with the material. Our customers should not need to perform costly reprocessing of holes, so new drills should produce excellent workpiece surfaces.

    Feedback from the customer commissioner: After the testing phase, we can already say that measuring DC170 according to these four standards can significantly improve production efficiency. Our customers need faster and cheaper craftsmanship, which has always been the case. However, it is a challenge to always meet customer needs.

    The trend of hole machining tool requirements: Our customers are in fierce global competition, which makes them increasingly demanding tools, especially in applications. Therefore, the cutting tools used in this market must also be high-tech tools. Compared with the previous generation of drill products, we expect higher production efficiency. Even with very good tools, we will provide customers with optional services, such as tool refurbishment. Tool manufacturers hope to take more responsibility in the entire process, so that customers can focus on their core competitiveness.

    DC170 product features at a glance:

    • Suitable for processing steel and cast iron materials in all industries

    • It is difficult to process, such as the choice when the through hole and outlet are inclined plane

    • Available in length 16xDc and 20xDc two specifications

    • Mature guidance strategies can still be used

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